Who we are

We are a creative business focused on bringing ecological, economic & socially equitable solutions to the challenges of our changing world.  We create, develop, introduce, & integrate relationships between people, technologies, & ecological systems for the benefit of all beings, & our planet.  Developing relationships with communities, businesses, inventors, private organizations, NGO's, & governments allows us to guide & inform our planets infrastructure towards its true potential.  Through Dynamic Ecology we will understand & reach a new respect for our earth, health, and business. Dynamic Ecology is a "white cell" for our planet earth & it's inhabitants.  Securing and preserving knowledge for the benefit of the future is essential. Equipped with the best technology in the world for audio/ video satellite communications, power cultivation & storage, Food production, Medicine, Terra-culture, advanced sustainable modular home mass manufacturing & architectural design capabilities, interactive media & more, implementation of a replicable modular universally adapting model is crucial for sustainable survival on earth.


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Mission: Dynamic Ecology is a "white cell" for our planet ea...
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We are a team of creative visionaries, investors, and independent contractors who provide a platform for a complete holistic approach towards sustainable healthy living.  Organizing, networking and managing an infrastructure of eco-friendly resources and solutions for sustainable real-estate, health foods, advanced technologies and proprietary systems that are the foundation of the science of sustainable integration.  Dynamic Ecology offers the following services:

    •    Eco-consulting/ project management
    •    Advanced real-estate infrastructure
    •    Health foods and medicinal products
    •    New-media and multi-media production
    •    Networking/ Social campaigning tools
    •    Web development, design and implementation
    •    Sales and marketing of eco-technologies/ products
    •    Product development and design
    •    wholesale advanced clean energy technologies
    •    3D interactive geo-resource management
    •    Lean Manufacturing and prototyping
    •    Virtual cloud hosting solutions


Web Services and FEATURES

We feature the latest in CMS websites and media portals.  Custom front-end and back-end designs.  High-end web development and media production. 

    •    CMS packages
    •    E-Commerce
    •    MLM, Affiliate marketing
    •    Search Google earth
    •    Feeds/ streams
    •    Private messaging
    •    Audio
    •    Video
    •    Image gallery
    •    Radio and podcasts
    •    Chat rooms
    •    Newsletters
    •    Social Networking
    •    Media playlist
    •    Live streaming

    •    Classifieds
    •    Polls
    •    Resource browser
    •    Dynamic Dashboard
    •    Video Chat
    •    Forums
    •    blogging
    •    Geo-blog
    •    File shareing
    •    Earth Stats
    •    SEO
    •    Network
    •    Bookmarking content
    •    Custom background
    •    Rotating dynamic media