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S.O.S.I. The Science Of Sustainable Integration.

About Our Company

We are a creative business focused on bringing ecological, economic & socially equitable solutions to the challenges of our changing world.  We create, develop, introduce, & integrate relationships between people, technologies, & ecological systems for the benefit of all beings, & our planet.  Developing relationships with communities, businesses, inventors, private organizations, NGO's, & governments allows us to guide & inform our planets infrastructure towards its true potential.  Through Dynamic Ecology we will understand & reach a new respect for our earth, health, and business.

Dynamic Ecology is a "white cell" for our planet earth & it's inhabitants. Securing and preserving knowledge for the benefit of the future is essential. Equipped with the best technology in the world for audio/ video satellite communications, power cultivation & storage, Food production, Medicine, Terra-culture, advanced sustainable modular home mass manufacturing & architectural design capabilities, interactive media & more, implementation of a replicable modular universally adapting model is crucial for sustainable survival on earth.

Dynamic Ecology integrates advanced technologies with infrastructure to enable sustainable economies.  We stand in the name of profiting for the benefit of earth & its inhabitants.  Dynamic Ecology is uniquely positioned with important strategic partnerships that sets us ahead of the curve.  We believe in producing more than we consume.

Envision a world with sustainable emergency preparedness, better health care, better education & abundant year round food, water, energy & renewable resource production. This is possible with turnkey modular sustainable Dynamic Ecology resource centers, available world wide.

Our Skills

Consulting/ Project Management. Business/ Product development.(100%)

Webdesign/ development. Graphics Design. Multimedia production. (100%)

Financial accounting, regulatory compliance, Transaction advisory, outside funding. (100%)

Sustainable real-estate infrastructure. Vertical tower aquaponic farms.(100%)

Our Team